Program Features

$3,000 scholarship per semester


The average Martin Scholar receives $3,000 per semester for their unmet financial need. Actual award amount may be more if unmet need exceeds $3,000, with maximum award equal to Cost of Attendance as outlined in the Martin Scholars Budget.


Renewable for up to three additional years contingent upon maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0, continuing to meet financial need-based criteria, remaining enrolled full-time, and meeting program requirements.

$3,000 stipend for study abroad or an internship


Martin Scholars have an average stipend of $3,000 to cover program costs and airfare for participating in a study abroad experience. Alternatively, the stipend can be used to cover living expenses while completing an unpaid internship. 

Levine Hall

Honors Housing


As honors students, Martin Scholars are eligible to live in Levine Hall, the newest residence hall on campus and the honors residence hall. Levine Hall provides a supportive community of fellow honors students, as well as easy access to the Honors College staff.

Priority Registration


As honors students, Martin Scholars have priority registration, meaning that they register for classes before anyone else on campus.

Martin Scholar in Classroom
Martin Faculty Fellow

Faculty Support


Martin Scholars will receive specialized support and mentoring from the Martin Faculty Fellow.

Access to the Honors College


The Martin Scholars are a part of the Honors CollegeThey receive support from honors faculty and staff and have access to all Honors College services and events, including advising for nationally competitive fellowships with the Associate Director of Scholars Advising.