Martin Scholars Program Overview

Martin Scholars receive an average award of $3,000 per semester, although award amounts are evaluated on a per-semester basis and are equal to the individual student’s unmet financial need based on the cost of attendence for a semester as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. The award is renewable until the student receives their undergraduate degree. The total value of the award for a four year student is on average $35,000, incuding the stipend to study abroad.  

In addition to the semesterly award, Martin Scholars are eligible for a stipend valued between $3,000-$6,000 to participate in a study abroad experience or internship opportunity. Scholars are encouraged to study abroad or hold an internship because of the valuable knowledge and personal and professional growth that helps to prepare Martin Scholars to enter the workforce or continue onto graduate education.

As members of an honors program, Martin Scholars will be a part of the honors community and benefit from small classes with dedicated faculty, priority registration, and honors programming. All scholars also receive increased support and advising from Honors College staff and the Martin Faculty Fellow, including specialized programing to support professional development.